Feature Tour

  • Get the clear idea of when and where the conference is happening.
  • Share the schedule with anyone or sync it to your calendar
  • Download the schedule or view different details of the conference.
  • Know exactly when (the date) and where (the hall) and how long(the time duration) about any talk.
  • Get even more details by hovering over or clicking on any talk.
  • Easily add a talk with a very few details.
  • Get all your options about your talks on the same page.
  • Import all your talks directly from a csv file.
  • Get all the relevent options for handling speakers in the same page.
  • Filter through the speakers with ease.
  • Paginate through them or see them all.
  • Get brief infomation on the speakers and action buttons for every speaker.
  • Get a view of all the conference halls.
  • Add or Update the halls from the same page.
  • Delete any hall with a single action.
  • See all the available talk tracks of your conference.
  • Add a new or Update an existing talk track.
  • Add any custom color to the track.
  • Generate code to embed conference schedule, talks or speakers in your own website.
  • Select what you want to embed to your site about the conference.
  • Copy the generated from the textarea.
  • Get help embeding the code to your website.
  • See a very organised view of talks in your conference while scheduling them.
  • Just drag over the empty slots to schedule a talk over that time slot.
  • Unpublish or Update Published schedule as you schedule the talks.
  • Have all the relevent options while scheduling the conference on the same page.
Try out a fully functional Demo instead? User site and Admin site.

// The list is long...

  • One click publish

    A single click can publish or unpublish your event schedule
  • Gird and list format

    Schedule is presented in two formats grid and list both embeddable
  • Social sharing

    Your custom site comes with social sharing buttons built in
  • iCal file integration

    Add schedule to Windows, Linux or Mac Calendars using the event iCal file.
  • Work on draft

    Continue to work on draft schedule while the published schedule remains unchanged.
  • Multiple admins

    Conference owner can invite multiple admins to schedule.
  • Several themes to choose from

    Attractive color themes to choose from for your custom site.
  • Variable length talks

    You are not forced to have all talks or events of the same length. Just choose a minimum increment.
  • Mobile ready

    Mobile visitors to your custom site see a mobile optimized version.
  • Span lectures across halls

    Lectures or talks can be spanned across adjacent halls.
  • Multi hall venues

    Support for multiple halls in a venue. Add or delete halls anything as needed.
  • Click and drag scheduling

    Unrivalled ease of use. Just click and drag to schedule talks

// Talk Management

Easy to add and edit talks. Minimal fields with auto complete for fields which are repeated like talk track, talk type and speaker name

// Talk import

Find adding the talks tedious, mass import the talks using the CVS import feature. There is also a sample CSV file to help you along.

// Conference details

Add conference details and upload conference logo as you would want it to appear on the custom site which gets automatically created for you.

// Multiple talk types or tracks

Allows multiple talk types or talk tracks. Subtle eye pleasing colors are automatically chosen for you. The schedule display reflects these colors

// Embed in your own website

Cut and paste a small piece of code in your website or CMS and your event schedule would be displayed on your own website.

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